Keep the interior of your car spotless with our clean and convenient vacuums.

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Regular vacuuming is necessary to ensure that the dirt and dust accumulated in your car are removed. Sometimes the dirt builds up in nooks and corners that cannot be reached by hand. The layers of dirt on car seats or the floor might also lead to the growth of mold. This gives the car an unpleasant smell and can cause allergies. Vacuuming gets rid of all grime and keeps your car interior fresh and clean.

Our Vacuuming Services

At Sure Clean Car Wash, We have highly efficient, clean, easy to use vacuuming facilities. Our vacuums will help you maintain your vehicle’s interior.

Boise location only for now-Vacuum is free with every wash. If you need to swing in just to vacuum out your vehicle, the vacuums are available starting at $2.

Details of car vacuum cleaning. Professional male worker using wet vacuum cleaner for dirty car interior. Auto car service cleaning the drivers seat, cleaning and vacuuming leather.
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